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December Moodboard: Retrospective


December Moodboard: Retrospective

INCOTIVE 13/12/2017

Written & Illustrated by Annisa Nadya

Retrospective is the deliberate act of looking back to one’s past choices and experience and evaluating them; reflecting on one’s past self, past work, etc.

This spirit of reflecting was the basis on which the moodboard was created and curated. Reflective self-portraits of Frida Kahlo, Garland’s Ex-Machina which nonetheless invite the viewers to reflect on the repercussions of mankind’s obsessions to invent and advance technology as well as how it is intricately woven into our daily lives.

Or consider “Paris, Texas” starring Nastassja Kinski and the late Harry Dean Stanton (who passed away just few months ago), a film which narrates the journey of a man who had abandoned his family and leaving his son in the care of his brother, something which he cannot help but regret. He went on to search for his wife and for forgiveness of his past actions.

Or maybe A Ghost Story, a movie that tells the journey of loss; grief; depression; and the cycle of life and death as well as time, which unravels from the eyes of a bed-sheet ghost.

This theme is what December is all about, and it is only fitted as the year is rounding up and coming to a close. An ending of a cycle, it is only natural to look back on how the year has progressed or how one has grown as an individual who we’ve become and the events that have happened.

To put it simply, retrospective is the simple and ritual year-end act of summarizing what had transpired over the last 12 months, whether it’s good or bad one. Whether it be retrospective essays or “Best of” lists, this month is about taking a step back and reflect on 2017. I suppose being retrospective in this sense can be considered as a part of closure too.

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