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January Moodboard: Terlalu


January Moodboard: Terlalu

INCOTIVE 21/01/2018

Written & Illustrated by Annisa Nadya

Typically the first month of the year would be rich in posts about some type of refresh and starting anew, or to reflect the past year. This mood board wouldn’t be such kind of Content…. Or maybe it is, kind of a reflective one. Depends on your perspective, of course. This mood board is about, to quote the great Rhoma Irama, “Terlalu”. Over the top, scamming, misleading headlines, hyperbole visuals in advertisements, the TV show Katakan Putus — complete with Bang Oma’s seal of approval. I mean, let’s face it, it’s only natural that Bang Oma himself is emblematic and symbolic to this month’s theme. No one screams “extra” better than he does.


  • Katakan Putus
  • @UnClickBait (a hero in their own right)
  • Vintage hyperbolic gaming console ad
  • That Goddamn Detik tweet (prime example of misleading headlines)
  • Vintage hyperbolic Tabasco ad
  • Bang Oma
  • Joanne the Scammer

P.S being “Terlalu” or “Extra” or “Doing the Most” can be both good and bad – though it’s not for everybody. It’s a slippery slope.


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