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SMSR Ease Your Mind Music Video


SMSR Ease Your Mind Music Video

INCOTIVE 14/02/2018

To celebrate the annual valentines day, the unseen music video from SMSR last single ease your mind will be released on 14 february 2018. Collaborating with Aksu in wardrobe. The tell-tale imagery is directed and produced by Roufy Nasution and Cinemora picture.

The song tells a changing perceptive of a person’s views and ego in relationship that outgrows a man itself. Wrap in the style of 80’s ballad and distinct warm lo-fi sounds. Eventually the ambience of the song catches the film producer interest and as to join hands with the band to make their first music video.

As lyrically, which contradicts with the positive melody and rythm, represent a relationship that has changes, perspectives diversity, and seemingly inevitable transition within life’s that constantly moving, through out an introspective point of view.

The music video portrays every aspect and details of the song in the manner of a film maker. Experienced in their work, Roufy and his team captured various and quirky angles. Making a outstanding distinct cinematography.

In the needs of the music video mood, the local clothing brand Aksu fits with every scenes. Clearly the ambitions of the brand reflected purely for the pleasures of art.

The intertwining collaboration of picture and sound blend beautifully. Thus creating a very brave and young spirited work of art. Captivating the alluring landscape of mother nature, and the revelation to a man’s journey to find peace in a company of woman’s presence.

SMSR is a Space Age Pop band based on South Jakarta, Indonesia. SMSR  fronted by Farzad Arezoo (synthesizer, keyboards, vocals), Ardana Putra (guitar), Arya Pradipto (guitar, vocals), Reygi Prabowo(bass) and Muhammad Widan (drums).


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