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The Internet Music Geeks’ Actual Artists Wish-List for Upcoming Local Concerts


The Internet Music Geeks’ Actual Artists Wish-List for Upcoming Local Concerts

INCOTIVE 06/08/2018

Written by Aliefta Widhiawan

“Okay.. but they’re not what i want to see and spend my money for..”

2018 is the year filled with the born and raise of many events that have, well, not so mainstream international headliners in it. Let’s rewind and we’ve had Homeshake, Turnover, Sunset Rollercoaster and soon we’ll have Boy Pablo, Polo (Mellow Fellow), Phum and even Cuco. Well what’s next? Clairo and Rex?

It’s super awesome to think about it for sure! Until you realize that it’s all just like an everyday youtube/spotify algorithm safe haven that many event creators pick to sell their event’s ‘sidestream’ persona. Aside from the business matters and within a subjective pov, that’s not very breakthrough when you have the power and the money to bring someone to play here ain’t it, like come on please have some nerves to bring the dimes for the true hardcore internet music diggers already?! But anyway, i’m in the supporters train for this matter so cheers to the local promoters efforts so far.

So, i’ve made a list of many artists i really want to see for this end of the year. If only all sides have the nerves to forget all the business matters and for fuck sake just throw a party for the geeks! Here we go:

  1. Hatchie

For the transitional millenials generation that used to be stuffed with 90’s alternative music by the brothers or cousins (or maybe the fathers), hatchie is like the ‘wait what? i thought she was from that era?’. learning from many local events that often offering a decade’s nostalgic feeling as the main selling point and it’s successful, so why can’t this super girl have a chance to play here already? plus she is a new emerging artist from Australia which actually came with a fresh materials, super win win for everyone!

  1. Cosmo’s Midnight

Source: Soundcloud

Isn’t it a bit tiring too to see that many international acts we had actually always in a band format? to stir it up, always in indie rock/pop/punk spectrum. So where’s all the respect for the indie electronic acts who actually are the messiah for the geeks who love to process the creative sound aspects? From many, i really wish i got the chance to see cosmo’s midnight live because why the fuck don’t we want to dance all night in a super catchy groovy fashion?!

Plus cosmo’s midnight makes music in everyone’s cup of tea and have a really gorgeous visual artistic aspect. Super win win for the music and the artsy crowds!

  1. Crumb

Source: Pinterest

This band have so much to offer to the wide unboxed audience. their music is so unconventional but in an easily enjoyable way, to be honest i don’t even fucking know why doesn’t everybody brought them here yet (maybe because they’re from the US and the cost is too high?). if they will actually be playing here, don’t put them in a festival please! give them an intimate concert to explore more musical jams in the stage!

  1. Frankie Cosmos

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND – MAY 19: Greta Simone Kline performs as Frankie Cosmos at Paganini Ballroom on May 19, 2016 in Brighton, England. (Photo by Lorne Thomson/Redferns)

THIS IS THE BIGGEST QUESTION MARK YET. Oh, forgive me for shouting virtually. but really, with so many female indie pop acts that they had brought here, why do we the haven’t got the chance to see great kline live just for once? if the cost is too high, fuck it, let’s have an open donation in patreon to bring her here. i guarantee a sick and yolo geeky party if she will be actually playing here. you just can see it coming especially with her new album.


After successfully made a breakthrough in the big game even with their super weird but gold materials and concept, this band need more stages in this eastern region to make them legendary! it’s really fun to watch their often unthinkable stage act and surprises, like the one we saw in a triple j’s like a version when they do mashup of congratulations by post malone and mgmt in a super weird way! my only wish is they will be brought by a big promoter and have a cool stand alone concert and let them make a super magical concept for the whole event here!

  1. Nothing, nowhere

You know the rules, no matter what the musical zeitgeist in whichever era, be it hard rock, mid-west alternative or new-skool hip hop, there will always be a spot for the emo, and you know what, this guy mix them all! emo is like the true alternative for any genre available with so many listeners guaranteed to come and stay because they all can always sing along and relate. so for the hell of it, i want anybody to bring nothing, nowhere here with a big real live event for the emos! the one with the real stage, real moshpit, with real performers of course, not a dj. Would be something different ain’t it if they got the nerves!

  1. Khruangbin

For the last spot, i’ll give it to the breakthrough retro-modern psychedelia act, khruangbin. with amazing live sounds and often eye pleasing visual stage background, not forget the stoner vibes we all can get just from seeing them playing (i don’t know how to put it right but it’s kinda true), our end of the year party would be perfect if we all can get to experience them live, sober or not. Would be perfect to bring them here with their amazing new album launch just recently and with all the attention they’re getting right now from the international press. Would be a bliss for the long time diggers!

So, that’s very much it. Pardon me for foul languages and the sinister view. Hands up if you are in the same boat. Hands down to all sides if we got to truly see them live anytime soon here!


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