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Incotive is an online-based alternative media which passionately shares all kind of information, focusing on entertainment nonetheless. Incotive stands for Independent, Collaborative and Receptive.

The philosophy behind our name is we aim to be independent media which knows no bounds. We will share any kind of information without any restriction from any parties as long as it’s appropriate. Created by collaborative ideas around us, our works are created upon the thoughts of all our writers and contributors. We try to be receptive, accepting information as an objective matters. We are open and willing to consider something new, responsive to other people’s thoughts.

We will share our ideas and perspectives in five subject: Column, Selection, Daily, Interview, Event.

Column: This section presents our writers and contributors opinions and perspectives on certain information or issues.

Selection: This section flooded with writings that reflect Incotive concerns such as music, film, photography, arts and cultural issues.

Daily: We present you current updates mostly about music, movies, and cultural views.

Interview: Long-short talk with author’s picked figure come from diverse background

Event: Our review on recent events like music performances and arts, which we contribute as a Media Partner in some of the events.