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March Moodboard: Conspiracy


March Moodboard: Conspiracy

INCOTIVE 05/03/2018

Written & Illustrated by Annisa Nadya

The theme for March is Conspiracy. It’s one of the main thing people of the Internet seem to be talking about, constantly. From the good ol’ Terselubung website you might read through and check semi-religiously as a young, naïve, easy-to-impress junior high school kid (not sure if everyone went through this but I had a bit of a phase, I admit) to FBI memes as coping mechanism of living in a surveillance state, and the good ol’ Da Vinci’s Monalisa conspiracy. Last but not least, films. Even films, too, have often touched on this subject.

Conspiracy, is in fact, has been a recurring theme in Hollywood. For conspiracy and paranoia goes hand in hand. Featured in the moodboard above are some movies with the underlying theme of conspiracy that is not a movie about a certain aforementioned painting played by Tom Hanks. They may not be about any specific conspiracy theory per se, but they definitely fit the criteria of conspiracy (schemes, paranoia, shady things basically, etc.)

So sit back, get cozy with your own personal FBI agent tonight and watch those movies together. Just don’t forget to uncover any tape or sticker you have over your webcam so you can bond even more intimately (assuming everyone else is as prone to episodes of paranoia and anxiety as I am). And most importantly…



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